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Education Fund

Chenda, 12, you have to smile captivating. Orphaned at an early age, and younger sister Chenda Live with her grandmother in a rural village in Cambodia. As her grandmother was very poor, Chenda Often missed school to care for Their neighbor cows for added income.  

Then intervened to support World Vision Their community, and gave a gift Chenda invaluable: an education. Today, I Regularly attends school, read in Their free time and is motivated to dream of a career.Chenda education have the opportunity to write Given Their own future.World Vision's work in education produces life-changing Opportunities for children as Chenda.

All children deserve to be reliable to read and write, enjoy the safe and healthy learning environments and make Informed Decisions That Affect Their Lives.We are currently seeking to raise RM2.2 million to support education projects in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Lebanon. Your donation will help Provide basic education to children Opportunities Regardless of Their sex and physical power; socially, economically and emotionally equipping them to face the challenges of life ahead.
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