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Empowering, engaging and educating children to be leaders

Empowering, engaging and educating children to be leaders | leadership education is often cookie cutter "exercises team building" that does not really meet the needs of children in terms of true empowerment, participation and education of children in the true sense of direction, and much less truly empowering them to be real leaders. The proof of this is the fact that many students who seem to have first-class careers as students are actually spend their lives cheating.

Cheating is on the rise according to several studies in secondary schools and universities in the United States and abroad. The pressure to succeed in a very narrowly defined way is creating a nation of cheats. Just look at the recent political news and is easy to see that ethics are missing, even among our elected leaders and explicit. With this kind of examples of how can our children learn ethical leadership?

Just knowing that something is wrong, is not enough to prevent people from conducting unethical behavior because in our winning culture seems more important than the good and evil. According to studies of peer pressure to get the brand instead of learning the material it is at the root of the matter. 

  To enable children to be ethical:Develop a code of honor - Creating a code of honor with the help of students allow a conversation to take place about what honor is, empowering children to take a leading role in their own lives.Rewarding whistleblowers - While you probably do not want our children to go around telling each other continuously hit the current situation with the complainants is dangerous for the integrity of all of us.

Demonstrate Honesty and Integrity - By setting a good example of doing the right thing in the face of adversity, children who are showing a new way of behaving. In this example enabled children to become leaders in their own lives, learning to do the right thing.

Learning to perform controls reward - This may not be able to be carried out at all levels of education, but students need a lot of opportunities and examples that show how learning the material is more important to learn to take a proof.

Many times our children do not engage because nobody is doing anything extraordinary to grab their attention. If you really want to educate children in a way that empowers and involves a positive effect of life in them, be extraordinary yourself. I know how to be expected as they grow.
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