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Educating Children With Attention Deficit Disorder - Importance of Establishing a Domain Profile

Educating Children With Attention Deficit Disorder - Importance of Establishing a Domain Profile

I would like to begin with a quotation from Paul MacLean of his book, Triune Brain In Evolution: "If singularity was a prerequisite for an evolving society, every person would be indispensable."

Unfortunately uniqueness is not something that we value very much in school, but it is what we most admire in our great in all areas of life. In other words, there is a great disconnect in how our educational system treats those who learn differently.

Lateral dominance is our natural and innate way of learning and processing information. Dominance Profiles is a technique for evaluating a person's learning style. Each of us has a preferred way of learning and learning from the world. Understanding your child's learning characteristics (or his or her own) can help see why we act and learn in certain ways, especially when we are under stress. From this knowledge you can get strategies to ensure your child learns more effectively.

Our dominant, innate, basal patterns are especially valuable for understanding children in school. However, it is also useful for understanding the behavior of adults when under stress. Knowing and Developing New Learning strategies allow a person to expand and free themselves from the constraints of their innate profile. Our dominance profile is based on our cerebral hemisphere brain, eye, ear, hand and foot. This profile determines how we prefer to learn, perceive and respond to the environment. As we take new information, especially when we are under stress, we have access to the senses that are ideally tied to our dominant cerebral hemisphere. This direct bond is formed when our dominant eye, ear, hand and foot is in front of our dominant cerebral hemisphere. When our dominant cerebral hemisphere is not opposed to our dominant senses (as is true for many people), learning is more difficult if different strategies are not used.

Learn How to Test Your Child for Your Dominance Profile

Why Schools and Parents Need to Know About Dominance Profiles

Research shows that there is a huge and disheartening incongruity between the teaching methods of the unfavorable and the learning profiles of most students. Schools have expectations about ways students should learn. Students who do not fit this profile are seen as inferior in the verse place as learning differently.

Those used in school systems such as "Gifted and Talented" or "Special Education," have a direct correlation with the inherent profiles of a child's dominance. This inconsistency is an important contributor to a number of mayoral students with dominance profiles that do not fit with teaching methods identified as ADD / ADHD, Dyslexic, and emotional and other limiting challenges. However, children whose profiles do not conform to established teaching methods that continue to appear less capable. The sad truth is, however, that only about 15% to 20% of the population ideally conforms to the typical teaching practices used in today's schools.

MaryEllen Jirak MS. Ed is a long time educator with a teacher in Special Education.

She is also the author of several books for ADD children's parents, including the gift of ADD secrets for transforming responsibilities into possibilities and a new book called Cracking The ADD Code: Why the Results Have Not Changed and As You Can, School and Beyond and Create Your Life While Loving What It Is: The ADD Self-Care Handbook
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