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First year of babies and their early education

Each mother knows how important it is to begin the early educational process. What we want to say here with education is to learn ... to learn so that the baby is in his new world. Parents begin intrinsically by stimulating the senses of touch, taste, hearing, feeling and smell when presenting the oldest educational toy: the rattle of the baby. This simple little toy survived the ages because it is very versatile. The baby can touch it, hear its sound and feel the rattle when it is grasped. Babies automatically follow the sound of the rattle and curiosity begins. With a rattle, the father can exercise the baby by moving the rattle in different directions. Movement is vital for the baby. These rattle exercises strengthen the growing muscles. At the same time, the baby explores the game experience, joy and laughter, as well as a feeling of bonding with the father who participates in the play. A sense of admiration and wonder is discovered.

Educational toys for children are essential so that children of any age can develop their imagination, ingenuity, coordination and dexterity. When babies play, they are actually working, working to become themselves. The phases of this development are imperative, since the process of becoming a person who has ambitions, dreams and goals to create satisfaction and satisfaction in their life begins. Babies often start with intuition and over time acquire perception and reasoning skills, but are learning mainly from the outside world through experience. You as a mother or father provide and influence that experience.

When buying educational toys for children, be sure to look for toys or games that encourage imagination and ingenuity. You will want to keep this principle in mind: develop the need to be inventive and creative. A child is constantly learning to discover how things work. Investigate a little there is a wide variety of toys for children available. Also, remember, you are exposing your child to new things, so provide variety. Be aware, because no matter how small they are, they will have their preferences and they will show their desires and creative interests while playing with them. If you lean toward a more traditional approach, wooden educational toys are becoming very popular again. Out of fashion they are not, because these toys have always been made to help develop dexterity, hand / eye coordination, color, shape, size identification, problem solving and reasoning skills. The advantage is that they are made of natural materials, which are safe and put your baby in contact with the textures offered by nature.
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